MobileBytes’ Slate Tablet Holder

mobilebytes slate front&back 2018MobileBytes’ Slate tablet holder is a powder-coated steel stand that has no visible screw heads, fasteners or holes and can accommodate two iPad sizes: 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch. The Slate enclosure can mount on countertops, display arms and floor stands. A positioning hinge allows rotation of more than 100 degrees. It was custom built to support the Gigabit + PoE Adapter. This adaptor provides both power and ethernet connectivity to an iPad through a single Cat-6 cable.

3M’s Drive-Thru Basestation G5

G5 Basestation frontWith a smaller footprint than previous versions and dual-lane capability, the new G5 basestation drive-thru system offers noise reduction at the menu post and acoustic echo cancellation. The unit features a built-in greeter and improved sound quality and is compatible with both the XT-1 and G5 drive-thru headset systems. Other options with the G5 line include a headset package, a headset charging station and batteries.

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