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FIVE MINUTES WITH: Chris Adams, Ellis Adams Group

Hooked at an early age by creative and entrepreneurial opportunities in the restaurant industry, Chris Adams parlayed a part-time summer job with the Ritz-Carlton Orlando into a career. 

Drawn to the high-end bar scene, he immersed himself in the world of mixology, eventually expanding to hospitality and casino bar concept development, programming, design and branding. In 2014, he co-founded Los Angeles-based Ellis Adams Group, an international consulting firm that also operates its own brands.

chris adams img 8667 (2) credit white oak communicationsImage of Chris Adams courtesy of White Oak CommunicationsOne big thing driving bar trends:

CA: Everyone’s focused on the Millennial generation, but we look at it as more of a mind-set than an age range. Customers today are looking for something unique, experience-driven, Instagram worthy. If you’re not relevant in that way, they’ll walk right out the door. They know they can just call an Uber and find 20 other locations nearby that will provide what they’re looking for.

Guy walks into a bar. Then what?

CA: Within the first 10 seconds, he’ll determine if this is a place where he should order a beer or spring for a cocktail. The design, the tools, lighting, how the bartenders look and act — they all come together quickly to tell a story. Is your bar just a placeholder for customers waiting for a table? If so, that’s a missed opportunity. The bar should be part of the brand story but have its own energy and intrigue, and that should be apparent right when customers walk in the door.

U-shaped or straight?

CA: That’s sometimes limited by space, but customers really do want to be social, so we’re seeing more comfortable, large, u-shaped bars. You also have a lot of single diners and travelers who are opting to eat at the bar, so that’s also impacting their design. Operators are capitalizing on that and offering the full dinner experience at the bar.

Seating and sight lines

CA: Beyond the main bar itself, we’re seeing a bigger focus on incorporating both lounge-type seating and high-top communal tables. They help promote the style of relaxed dining, sharing and hanging out that the Millennial mind-set prefers, and having different elevations in different areas of the room adds interest.

Big bar design missteps?

CA: Relying on traditional kitchen consultants to handle bar design. They’re extremely talented in kitchens, but beverage programs being implemented today are very intense and specialized. Every little detail matters and impacts bartenders’ ability to work quickly and efficiently while providing a great guest experience. Also, designing a restaurant’s bar before the concept and program for the bar are fully fleshed out. And failing to include enough storage and refrigeration at the bar, including refrigerated glass storage.

Cheers for new product development?

CA: It’s exciting to see manufacturers reaching out to professional bartenders to help them with product development. Several are doing so now, and it’s the first time you’re seeing actual bar people have important input into producing the tools of the trade — products that are very bartender friendly.

true brands viski

Classic Barware and Tools, Redefined

Viski is comprised of contemporary wine, bar and lifestyle collections that marry classic function with exceptional design. Individual pieces, crafted from materials of the highest caliber, range from 24-karat gold-dipped corkscrews and faceted crystal tumblers to a full line of professional barware cast in 18/8-grade stainless steel. Viski collections are united by an unmistakable element of sophistication that seeks to redefine the classics.

Viski by True Brands

wineemotion wine dispensing preservation system2

Technology and Wine: A Perfect Pairing

WineEmotion’s wine dispensing and preservation systems enable operators to offer the freshest wine by the glass either by staff or via the guest self-serve feature. The universal bottle fitting allows for quick and clean bottle changes without cumbersome external fittings, removal taps or awkward bottle space. WineEmotion offers wine service by the taste, flight, glass, quartino and/or carafe. The systems ensure up to 30 days of preservation and optimum temperature control. Commercial-grade reliability and patented automatic cleaning technology ensure durability and worry-free maintenance. Intuitive management and marketing software are available, as are customization options.

WineEmotion USA

vinotemp 300 bottle commercial nra

Interior-Lit Commercial Wine Storage

Vinotemp’s new Private Reserve Series 300-bottle commercial wine cooler features adjustable racks and unique interior lighting, adding both functionality and style. Front vented and designed for easy built-in or freestanding installation, it stores up to 25 cases of wine and is engineered for low-energy consumption and quiet operation. Choose from three LED options: soft white, amber or Vinotemp BioBlu, which helps to reduce the growth of bacteria and mold. Sturdy racking cradles bottles so labels face front, adding visual appeal, and a 23-degree temperature range allows users to select desired storage and serving temperature.


sestra tapwise3

IoT Control for On-Tap Programs

TapWise brings the Internet of Things to on-tap beverage programs with exact portion control, push-to-pour dispensing, real-time analytics, alerts and monitoring — all with remote lock capability. Integrating with wine and beverages in kegs, TapWise prevents over-pouring and loss, improves service and runs a greener program. In-line chilling means no refrigeration or ice is needed, and cloud-based analytics provide serving details over time by day/week/month, by varietal, by total inventory usage, with POS integration and more.

Sestra Systems

eaglegroup modularbardie

Modular Bar Die

Eagle’s modular bar die is designed for Eagle underbar equipment to be mounted to and supported by the bar die. The bar die encloses and hides beverage, electrical and plumbing lines in a chase that is incorporated into the unit. The front of the bar die can be covered by removable panels that provide easy access to the chase for future modifications and maintenance. Panels can be covered in a decorative laminate, wood millwork finish or stainless steel finish. Add decorative brass or chrome rails and fittings to match any decor.

Eagle Group

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