Design Market: Four Beautiful Cleveland Restaurants

If Cleveland rocks, these restaurants rule.

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Kinship: The Restaurant and the Marketplace

Neighborhood restaurants with attached grab-and-go marketplaces are growing in popularity in urban areas.

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Art Meets Algorithm In Data-Driven Designs

Great restaurant design has always been part art, part science. 

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Ruby’s Diner Moving Forward

Recognizing demographic realities, this retro diner chain is moving beyond its 1940s design to the broader appeal of the late ’50s and early ’60s.

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Mi Vida Makes Waves at D.C.’s New District Wharf

The opportunity to snag a spot in a prime urban waterfront redevelopment project doesn’t come along every day. When one did, Washington, D.C.-based KNEAD Hospitality + Design didn’t hesitate. 

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Stone Brewing Opens Bistro in 19th Century Napa Warehouse

Headquartered in Escondido, Calif., Stone Brewing Company was created to provide people with a true beer experience, with drinks promising big character and intense flavors.

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